Badia)advocats advises clients on the review of the notifications of the new cadastral values ​​set for Terrassa


Badia)advocats advises clients on the review of the notifications of the new cadastral values ​​set for Terrassa from 2018 and proposes the opportunity to request the redemption of censuses before the values ​​increase in 2018.

Badia)advocats represents different clients in the cadastral review in TERRASSA

The General Directorate of the Cadastre has started the revision of the cadastral values ​​in Terrassa and these new values ​​will be applicable from January 1, 2018. The values ​​have generally been increased, although a freeze on the IBI has been agreed which means that the increase will not be felt in the next financial year.

The cadastral value is determined based on a Value Report and objectifying the different situations of each property: location, services, state of construction and others. However, there are farms that have individualized situations that are not always included in the Report and in these cases it is necessary to find out if the values ​​have been applied correctly and if the correcting coefficients provided for in the same cadastral regulation would be applicable. It is also necessary to debug the possible errors that it may contain: the surface of the plot, the built roof, the permitted uses or other urban limitations.

In the review of these cadastral notifications, we take the opportunity to review the agreement between the Land Registry and the Land Registry, since since the mortgage reform of 2015, the physical data collected by the Land Registry must always yield to the data provided by the Cadastre to the point of not being able to register property transfers if the data does not match. The revision of the Cadastre is a good opportunity to detect these dysfunctions and to match all the data of the same property.

We must also bear in mind the issue of the CENSOS: in the center of Terrassa there are hundreds pending to be redeemed. The legislation provides that the censuses are redeemable by the unilateral will of the census taker, that is to say, the owner of the property. Censuses with ownership are redeemed by paying 4% of the value of the property, if there is no agreement on the value, the cadastral value is taken. Considering that all cadastral values ​​have increased, the rest of 2017 would be a good opportunity to ask for the release of this burden, as it can be a big nuisance at the time when the transfer or encumbrance is considered of the farm

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