Badia)advocats advises different private clients and companies harmed by the resolution of BANCO POPULAR


The shareholders and holders of convertible bonds of Banco Popular were caught by the June 6, 2017 decision of the Single Resolution Board, which agreed to resolve the Bank and sell it to Banco de Santander for the symbolic price of 1 euro Those affected have seen their investments turned to zero.

Badia)advocats represents different individuals and companies that have been affected by the resolution of BANCO POPULAR

The only way to recover the investment is a judicial claim, but each case requires an individualized solution, and a collective action is not recommended.

Our clients include pre-2016 shareholders, shareholders who subscribed to the 2016 capital increase and others who acquired the shares in the secondary market after the last increase; there are also holders of convertible bonds that on June 7 were forcibly converted into shares and their value reduced to zero.

Some situations are more urgent and require immediate action, such as in the case where the subscription of shares was financed with loans that remain in force and must continue to be repaid, or where the extension of lines of credit is be linked to the subscription of the issue of shares.

The rest can wait for events to unfold and internal documents from the regulatory authorities to be made public, which will further support the legal actions we will bring. In the meantime, we are processing the previous out-of-court claims.

Banco Santander has made available to some affected shareholders the possibility of partially recovering from the loss by subscribing to “loyalty bonds” which involve the waiver of taking legal action. We analyze these offers and look for customized solutions.

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