Badia)advocats advises on the rehabilitation and change of use of a monumental complex protected by UNESCO


Badia)advocats is advising the SANTA CREU AND SANT PAU HOSPITAL FOUNDATION on the transformation of the old hospital site into an International Knowledge Center.

Badia)advocats has been the firm in charge of carrying out the registration and urban planning operations that have enabled this transformation, as well as designing the strategy and negotiating the establishment of the assignees of the Modernist Pavilions.

The Modernist Precinct of the old Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau is home to leading international institutions in the fields of sustainability, health and education.

In 2009, the hospital activity of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau moved to a new and modern building located at the north-east end of the architectural complex, thus freeing up the Modernist Pavilions of Domènech and Mountaineer The reconversion of the space began with the rehabilitation of the Pavilions declared World Heritage by UNESCO; it also includes the preparation of a Special Urbanistic Plan specific to this equipment and the negotiation of contracts for the transfer of spaces to different institutions and international organizations.

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