Badia)Advocats advises the Balmes University Foundation as the titular entity of the University of Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya in its procurement of works, services and supplies


Badia)Advocats has advised the Balmes University Foundation in all the procurement procedures that it has had to process in accordance with public sector contract legislation. The Foundation, in fact, despite being a private legal entity, is subject to this legislation as it is an awarding authority, according to the European directives on the matter.

Since 2009, Badia)Advocats has advised the Balmes University Foundation.

Law of the Parliament of Catalonia 5/1997, of 30 May, recognized the University of Vic as a private university. Years later, Act 2/2014 of the Parliament of Catalonia, of 27 January, authorized the change of its name to Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC). The UVic-UCC has its headquarters in the cities of Vic and Manresa, and has its own model of public control and private management that forms an efficient, responsible and agile management system.

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Specialized in Administrative Law and Public Sector Contracting

Jordi Grau Cardús

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