Badia)Advocats provides comprehensive advice in the pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy phase.


The firm has lawyers and economists specialized in bankruptcy law, who offer comprehensive advice from a legal, economic and financial point of view, both representing the bankrupt company itself and its creditors.

From Badia)Advocats, we exercise the legal direction of the bankruptcy procedure and accompany the clients until its completion.

The Bankruptcy Law defines insolvency as that situation in which the debtor cannot regularly fulfill his obligations. Unfortunately, the reality is much more complex when we are faced with a business crisis that not only affects the specific company, but the multitude of people and legal entities that are related to it. For this reason, it is essential to have the advice of bankruptcy experts who provide personalized solutions adapted to each specific case.

Our department specializing in bankruptcy law provides, among others, the legal services listed below:

• Advice in the pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy phase.

• Pre-competition of creditors: negotiation with creditors in the framework of refinancing or debt restructuring procedures (refinancing agreement, out-of-court payment agreement and advance agreement proposal).

• Request for bankruptcy, whether voluntary or necessary.

• Preparation of creditor agreement proposals.

• Advice in the phase of agreement, liquidation and bankruptcy qualification.

• Responsibility of administrators.

• Advice on the acquisition and sale of production units.

• Structuring investments in bankruptcy assets and liabilities.

• Defense of creditors’ rights: personalization in bankruptcy proceedings, communication of credits, challenge and recognition of bankruptcy credits.


From Badia)Advocats we exercise the legal direction of the bankruptcy procedure and accompany the clients until its completion, looking whenever possible for an alternative to the liquidation, in order to guarantee the continuity of the business activity and the maintenance of the positions of work

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