Badia)advocats counsels ONA FUTURA, a Majorcan Foundation

Badia)advocats counsels ONA FUTURA, a Majorcan Foundation dedicated to the protection and regeneration of the Mediterranean Sea and Riviera, specially in the Balearic Islands, but also in other territories and regions.

The Ona Futura Foundation canalizes the Corporate Social Responsibility of the hotel group ONA HOTELES. The Foundation is a non-profit entity based on Alcúdia who orientates its maritime protection and regeneration activities from the tourism sector. It participates in projects about maritime environment protection, sustainable development, and promotion of the activities of coastal and Island regions, specially in Arts, Culture, Music, Science, Sport and Health. It cooperates with different entities from the civil society, NGOs, public entities, and international organizations competent in these areas.
Badia)advocats has accompanied the Foundation from its constitution and currently serves as continuous counsellor as secretary of the Board, and as counsellor in the different projects in which the Foundation participates.